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Software team working after a big release Strategically Using Slack Time after a Release

When you've worked for months on a big software release, afterward you may want to jump into the next project. But building in some slack time between sprints is a good idea. After a big release, there will probably be more work as new users discover bugs in your software. Plan for some more testing and development.

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Justin Rohrman
Collection of colorful open umbrellas creating coverage Testing Is Insurance, Not Assurance

The Iowa Democratic Party used a mobile app to pull results from statewide precincts for the Iowa caucus. But the app was not properly tested or deployed, and it turned into a high-profile tech disaster. When deadlines loom, release testing is often what gets cut, but this situation shows why it's a crucial activity.

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Alan Crouch
Long-exposure shot of cars racing along a highway DevOps Isn’t Just about Releasing Faster

When organizations start moving to DevOps, one of the first things they focus on is automation. It makes sense: Automated deployment tools are easy to explain, and implementing them usually shows value right away. But speed isn’t the only (or even the best) reason to move to DevOps and an automated release pipeline.

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Gene Gotimer
Gauge showing low performance Detect Performance Issues in Production with Continuous Delivery

Maybe the most important source of feedback is what happens in production. It’s amazing the information you can get if you properly monitor and analyze the data. Continuous delivery gives more precise feedback from different sources, thanks to observing the impact of every realized change while improving traceability.

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Federico Toledo
Magnifying glass on automation Application Release Automation: Why the QA Pro Should Care

The speed of testing depends on a consistent software release process that can provide critical information when reporting issues. QA pros will benefit from a new set of DevOps tooling called application release automation, which drives continuous release deployment and provides visibility about what was deployed.

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Tracy Ragan
The Ins and Outs of DevOps

Of course DevOps focuses on enhancing the working relationship between development and operations, but it just as easily includes QA, data security, or any other silo of smart people who need to collaborate more effectively. This requires an understanding of DevOps principles. Read on for more.

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Bob Aiello
Four Principles for Designing Your New Agile Project

There are guidelines for those transitioning to agile. You have to know how your product releases and how often. Next, you should determine how complex your product is. Johanna Rothman helps you determine what type of product you have and how you can work on it while making the transition to agile.

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Johanna Rothman
How Management Indecision Loses Money and Hurts Your Project Portfolio

When managers can’t decide which projects to undertake, they end up making a decision—to not decide. They don’t fund the potentially transformative projects; they go with the safe bets. The difference between when a project goes on the backlog and when it's started eats into your maximum revenue.

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Johanna Rothman