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What's in the Fall 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

For the first time, the cover of Better Software magazine showcases two articles. The dual features are about the new ISO 29119 software quality standard—one pro, one con. Reading both points of view will make you think about what your organization is doing to adopt quality standards.

Ken Whitaker's picture
Ken Whitaker
Are Your Testing Practices In Line with Today’s Needs?

Practices in any discipline need continuous review to ensure they are still effective and in line with current requirements. Software testing practices are no exception—the development landscape is highly dynamic, requiring periodic updating of practices. How and when should you review? Read on.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Accessibility: What Was Once a Bonus Is Becoming Essential

Across disciplines and industries, providing equal accessibility is gradually moving from being “nice to have” to a mandatory aspect of applications. Now is a good time for organizations to start looking at digital accessibility for their products, whether it has been mandated for them yet or not.

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Mukesh Sharma
DevOps and Reckless Driving

There is a trend of development managers suggesting that they need to embrace DevOps—but without the “Ops.” They argue that the operations team is too slow and lacks the skills to really participate. We want speed, but we also need to avoid error while improving reliability and enhancing security.

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Bob Aiello
Accessibility Testing: Should You Use a Manual or Automated Approach?

When it comes to the deliberate effort required in making your website accessible to everyone, there are two approaches to take: manual evaluation and automated evaluation. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Sunil Dangwal goes over the advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

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Sunil Dangwal
Accessibility Testing: Four Tips for Doing It Right

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the extra effort involved in delivering accessible software, don’t be dismayed. Melissa Tondi offers four tips to get you started with an efficient and long-term accessibility testing initiative that will result in a happy experience for all users.

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Melissa Tondi
Selling Accessibility Testing and a Plan to Get Started

By showing the value of accessibility and having a plan in place to address those needs, you can demonstrate to employees that accessibility is about more than compliance; organizations that are proactive about accessibility will reap benefits in terms of a larger user base and community goodwill.

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Melissa Tondi
Let’s Warm Up to the Growing Need for Digital Accessibility

Do you consider accessibility when developing your products? Did you know about 15 percent of the world's population has some sort of disability? With so many individuals facing usability challenges—and technology's ubiquity—it's time to make accessibility part of our social responsibility plan.

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Amit Bhatt