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How to Make a Fixed-Scope Contract More Agile

Establishing a contract that genuinely supports agile methods can be a significant challenge. By its very nature, a contract that specifies detailed, upfront deliverables contravenes the principles of flexibility and adaptation that are at the heart of agile. But it is possible—both parties just need to focus on results.

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Jamie Cooke
World's Biggest Agile Development Project Collapses

The United Kingdom’s Universal Credit welfare system was once touted by its creators as a shining example of how agile can modernize old systems. Now, the department in charge of the program is reverting back to waterfall, and experts are saying that the world's biggest agile project has collapsed.

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Jonathan Vanian
Create a Vendor Contract While Keeping Agile

Working with vendors can pose challenges to an agile team, especially when it comes to contracting practices. How do you deal with contract relationships when trying to follow a philosophy that values collaboration over negotiation? Kent McDonald gives some suggestions for creating agile contracts.

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Kent J. McDonald
Estimation on an Agile Software Project

Estimation is hard work, and people aren’t naturally good at estimation. But without an estimate, it’s hard to know how far off you’re likely to be. Estimates in the context of an agile project can help you better set expectations and improve stakeholder’s confidence in when you can deliver.

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Steve Berczuk