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Person holding a tablet with various API icons 5 Myths about API Security

APIs are designed to provide interfaces between multiple applications, allowing them to work together. From a security perspective, this is a powerful tool to have. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of APIs diminishes if they are misunderstood. Here are five common myths about API security, along with the facts.

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Harold Kilpatrick
API testing graphic Getting Started with API Testing

For testers interested in moving into test automation, Justin Rohrman usually suggests that they get started by learning to write a little code—more specifically, working with their software's API. You don't have to jump into tooling just yet. You can begin testing the data and workflow of the API first. Here's how.

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Justin Rohrman
To Test APIs Effectively—Build an API Regression Suite

A product that doesn't do what it's supposed to do, security flaws, issues that devalue the user experience—for all of these reasons and more—establishing an efficient test management strategy is an essential step in creating great software. Herein lies the value of building an API regression suite.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
Hooray for the Application Programming Interface

Have you ever wondered why there do not seem to be any new computer and network standards? Standards are still alive and well, but for the most part they have been replaced with application programming interfaces, which offer more flexibility in addition to being faster and easier to implement.

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Beth Cohen
Is It Fair to Make APIs Copyrightable?

Google recently lost a copyright appeal against Oracle. This ruling allows Oracle to copyright application programming interfaces (APIs) for Java. Anuj Magazine examines the impact of the court's recent ruling and the possible outcome for the computing industry because of this decision.

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Anuj Magazine
How APIs Are Transforming the IT Economy

Chances are you have overheard developers in your office talk about APIs, but you might have just shrugged it off as more boring tech talk or a vague Star Trek reference. What you might not know is that APIs are a technology architecture that is transforming the IT economy.

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Steve Vaughn