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API code on a laptop Why API Testing Is Mission-Critical

With API testing, if you change how the API works—even if it now works better—it will break all of the code written by people using the API. Consequently, testers have a responsibility to make sure they are testing the same contract that was established when the API was first released. Here's how to test APIs right.

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Adam Sandman
Integrating API tests into the software development lifecycle How to Get Started Automating Your API Tests

When designing a test automation strategy, an area that is often overlooked is automating API testing. API test scripts are faster and easier to write than other types of scripts and can be fairly simple tests. An added benefit is that API testing can be included in your continuous integration tools for quick feedback.

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Elise Carmichael
Instagram Changes Brand Guidelines to Discourage App Copycats

Instagram updated its brand guidelines this week to forbid other apps that connect to the service not only from featuring its logo or any design that “copies the look and feel” of the brand, but also from using either “Insta” or “Gram” in their names. Smart business move or petty jab at developers?

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Beth Romanik
The Software behind the PRISM Intelligence-Gathering Program

News of the National Security Agency’s PRISM intelligence-gathering program has reverberated throughout the media. This sophisticated computer system has the capability to sift through enormous amounts of data and extrapolate meaning, giving the NSA a way to track people and their behaviors.

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Jonathan Vanian
Zapier Provides Outage Status Board for Nearly 200 APIs

There are service dashboards that track larger APIs, such as those for Google, Amazon, and Dropbox. But Zapier, a startup that integrates APIs and online services, is sharing its status board for nearly 200 online services, with millions of API requests performed a month—a big help for developers.

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Beth Romanik
Growth of API Usage Sparks New Management Tools

Open APIs have become not only available, but prevalent, giving capabilities to photo, video, messaging, mapping, music, and news outlets. ProgrammableWeb's directory of web service APIs now numbers more than 8,000. With increased API usage, the need for help managing APIs also is growing.

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Beth Romanik