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Person holding a tablet with various API icons 5 Myths about API Security

APIs are designed to provide interfaces between multiple applications, allowing them to work together. From a security perspective, this is a powerful tool to have. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of APIs diminishes if they are misunderstood. Here are five common myths about API security, along with the facts.

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Harold Kilpatrick
Why Developers Will Decide the Fate of Google Chromecast

Last week's celebration of Google Chromecast has done more than simply die down. It's turned into downright speculation that even with Google's allowing developers to begin creating their own apps for it, many developers may pass. We look at what's inside the USB to see what's there—and what's not.

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Noel Wurst
Amazon Web Services Adds Node.js SDK to Developers’ Options

Amazon Web Services released an SDK for Node.js, providing developers with a JavaScript library to build applications for AWS services. Node.js has been gaining momentum and popularity among programmers, and AWS' addition of the SDK gives developers another choice when building for its cloud.

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Beth Romanik