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Who Should Be Testing? New Considerations after Security Breaches

Debates arise when people start talking about where a particular IT function should be performed. Executives can act as if testing is a necessary evil and cost is the only important factor. But due to recent security breaches, companies should be more concerned with comprehensive testing than cost.

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Jennifer Bonine
Online Identify Theft Is Only Getting Easier

An expanding reliance on digital services requiring the input of personal information has increased the risk of data theft, and it only takes a few common pieces of information for the best thieves to steal your identity. More than ever, we need strong security systems to be developed.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Internet Bleeds Again: eBay Hack Confirmed

Last week, it was rumored that eBay’s corporate network was hacked. Later in the week, eBay confirmed the attack. The security breach, which could affect 150 million active users, leads to more speculation on how safe the Internet actually is, especially in the aftermath of the Heartbleed bug.

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Cameron Philipp...
More Businesses Buying Cyber Insurance against Security Risks

Cyber hacking, which gained more attention when Target experienced a massive data breach, has become such a security risk that businesses are rushing to cover themselves against customers’ information being compromised in the same way they get coverage for more traditional risks—buying insurance.

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Beth Romanik
What's Going On with Data Security?

It seems like every day we are hearing about more security breaches. Whether it is Target's losing credit card information of more than 110 million Americans or Yahoo’s data breach, in which the company lost user passwords and usernames, one has to wonder what is going on with data security.

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Joe Townsend
Target Investigating Security Breach of 40 Million Card Accounts

Target is investigating a security breach where credit card and debit card information was stolen from millions of customers starting on Black Friday. The information was apparently stolen when customers swiped their cards at machines during checkout in stores. 40 million cards were compromised.

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Beth Romanik