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Laptop with icons for multiple web browsers Comparing 4 Top Cross-Browser Testing Frameworks

The market is flooded with cross-browser testing frameworks, with more options than ever before. How should you decide which option is best to test your application for compatibility with different web browsers? Let’s take a look at four of the top open source solutions today and compare their benefits and drawbacks.

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Eran Kinsbruner
Computer with different browser options The Cross-Browser Testing Landscape Is Ready for DevOps

While most websites today are responsive, there is a significant growth in progressive web apps that provide cross-platform mobile and web capabilities from within a web app. Add to this maturing practices around agile development and testing and greater adoption of BDD practices, and the landscape is ready for DevOps.

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Eran Kinsbruner
How Kanban Can Help You Be More Productive

Although multi-tabbed browsers allow users to open multiple websites in one window, people might see their productivity fall by the wayside with information overload. Venkatesh Krishnamurthy explains how kanban can help you deal with the dilemma (and anxiety) of having too many browser tabs open.

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Venkatesh Krish...