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Will Tablets Eventually Kill Off Laptops?

Gartner says worldwide PC shipments declined 6.9 percent in Q4 2013. At the same time, the year-on-year growth rate for tablets is significantly higher. Should these trends lead us to believe that tablets will eventually kill laptops?

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Anuj Magazine
No Hard Drive Required: Cloud Connect Takes Unique Approach to DaaS

Several software vendors have come forward with solutions for the growing desktop as a service (DaaS) trend. The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect could change the game by making personal desktops in the cloud available—and affordable—for the average consumer. Does the future of tech mean no more hard drives?

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Kirill Bensonoff
Can Your Organization Use an Outsourcing Strategy that Works?

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of IT folks like the word “outsourcing," and now it appears that a company has created robots that can handle simple business and IT functions. Joe Townsend explores whether or not an outsourcing strategy can work with your organization.

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Joe Townsend
Emerging Cloud Standards—Infrastructure First?

While network standards that form the backbone of the Internet are widely accepted, cloud standards have been adopted more slowly by the community and the marketplace. As cloud infrastructure technology matures, increased vendor interest is driving a renewed effort to create viable standards.

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Beth Cohen