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Encrypted data on a screen The Importance of Data Encryption in Cybersecurity

Encryption protects private data with unique codes that scramble the data and make it impossible for intruders to read. Despite a data breach, encryption ensures that an institution’s private data is safe, even when attackers get past the firewall. Here are four reasons to use data encryption cybersecurity measures.

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Dylan Menders
Heartbleed Bug Bypasses Web Encryption, Exposing Personal Data

A significant security vulnerability called Heartbleed could allow hackers to gain access to private keys and other highly sensitive information on many widely visited websites. The problem is in the most popular software used to encrypt web communications—and the flaw has existed since 2011.

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Beth Romanik
How NSA Cracks Encrypted Data

New facts continue to come out about the National Security Agency’s information-gathering programs. Each day's news seems to outdo previous scoops about its spying capabilities. This week is no different, with new reports detailing NSA's efforts to crack encrypted data.

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Jonathan Vanian
Can Google Defeat the Need for Antiquated Password Security?

Coming up with a foolproof password is becoming a nerve wracking and seemingly impossible process when going up against determined hackers and crooks. Google's trying out something new—eliminating passwords altogether, and looking for a more secure and convenient option.

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Noel Wurst
New Encryption App Protects Both the Good—and Bad—Guys

With new advancements in technology come the fears of wondering what purposes they'll be used for. Now that full-scale phone call and data encryption are available for everyone, can we really be certain we're not arming the wrong people with this much protection?

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Noel Wurst