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Android with artificial intelligence Testing the Ethics of AI

AI is a double-edged sword. When it's being used in situations involving sensitive personal data, such as health care, banking and finance, and real estate, security is of the utmost importance—and so are ethical implications. It’s up to testers to mitigate risks and make sure AI is used responsibly.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Automation and Ethics: The Human Side of Technology

Automation technology is becoming more prevalent, and while it brings convenience, it also introduces some moral quandaries. Someone has to decide what the devices will do when things go wrong. What are the ethical responsibilities of software developers and testers working on these projects?

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Heather Shanholtzer
Is A/B Testing Fundamentally Unethical?

Facebook created a controversy recently by sharing the study results of an experiment it did in the news feed of around 700,000 users. The basis of Facebook's study was to prove whether emotions are contagious on the social network. It was a version of an A/B test—without users knowing about it.

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Anuj Magazine
Do Software Testers Have Special Ethical Obligations?

Some might argue that the same basic ethical rules apply in both professional and nonprofessional contexts—ethics is ethics. Other ethicists believe that all professionals, regardless of their practice, have special moral obligations. So, do software testers have special moral obligations?

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Bonnie Bailey
Where Should Your Loyalties Lie?

Ask yourself this: If you saw another project in trouble and really thought you could help, would you offer your services? Brendan Quinn takes a look at loyalty—loyalty to yourself, your team, other teams, and your company—and how it can affect everyone.

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Brendan Quinn