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Phalcon logo Using the Phalcon PHP Framework with MySQL

Some PHP frameworks now support the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern, most notably the open source Phalcon framework. Phalcon has the lowest level of overhead due to memory and CPU for MVC applications, and it supports object-relational mapping features. Here's how you can get started with Phalcon and MySQL.

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Deepak Vohra
Person planning a project using an agile framework Frameworks Are an Agile Leader's Best Friend

With a framework in place, engineers can stop worrying about everything that framework does for them. Your team can focus on solving your business problems instead of building yet another solution to an old problem that's been solved before. Look around and identify the mistakes your team is making over and over.

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Josh Anderson
Using Assessments and Standards to Improve Your Process

Process improvement is a fundamental endeavor that any successful organization must embrace. The challenge many companies face is how to effectively implement IT process improvement. A good place to begin is with an assessment of current operations; then measure those findings against good criteria.

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Bob Aiello
Why You Should Build a Custom Performance Testing Framework

Performance testing involves an unparalleled combination of different workloads and technologies—which translates to a large set of variables for a performance test. Creating a custom simulation framework lets you execute varied performance tests at any stage of the product development cycle.

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Prashant Suri
Is a Framework Needed to Scale Agile?

There are varying reactions to using frameworks to scale agile. One concern surrounding the rise of SAFe and DAD is the creation of new methods that are compared with or pitted against existing sets of techniques, fragmenting the agile community. Do you really need a framework to scale agile?

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Kent J. McDonald