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Different fonts for different languages Choosing a Font for Software with a Global Audience

As more businesses are establishing a worldwide presence, our approach to software must consider globalization and localization. So when it comes to designing the user interface for our apps and websites, we must consider good typography. Here's what to take into account when choosing fonts for international products.

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Payal Goyal
The Rationale behind a Company's Geographical Diversification

The drivers behind the choice of a certain geography for a company's diversification are often straightforward to comprehend. When a competitive edge is secretly being built, the location choices may be intriguing until it is revealed why those places were chosen or what the focus of development is.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Why Samsung Is More Successful Than Apple in Emerging Markets

By its own high standards, Apple had a bad quarter in its China market. Samsung, on the other hand, is surging ahead in the Chinese market. Apple is not even one of the top five vendors in India, where Samsung continues to dominate as well. Why is Samsung succeeding where Apple is not?

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Anuj Magazine