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How Agile Is Changing the Way the Federal Government Does Business

Steve Vaughn writes about how Dynamics Research Corporation, a technology sourcing company, is attempting to align the company's iterative development process with government’s traditional waterfall approach. With the growth of agile, government agencies are changing the way they conduct business.

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Steve Vaughn
Why Agile Teams Should Avoid Setting Narrow Project Goals

Agile teams should change their mindsets and establish an area of focus instead of setting narrow project goals. This change can promote a team's self-direction, which generates the motivation to produce unforeseen outcomes and achieve business value.

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Sameh Zeid
How Being Active at Work Leads to Better Collaboration

Steve Berczuk shares his insight on how novel approaches to being active at work can lead to better collaboration. If being active can improve collaboration, why not be active? After all, studies have shown that a healthy team is a productive one.

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Steve Berczuk