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How to Successfully Transition from Manual Testing to Full-Stack Automation

Transitioning from manual testing to full-stack automation is a noble, yet laborious journey. Thuc Nguyen provides a guide to aid in a successful transition from manual testing to full-stack automation. 

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Thuc Nguyen
What It Takes to Be a Full-Stack Automation Engineer

Arm yourself with the knowledge to successfully transition from manual testing to a full-stack automation engineer. It’s a bold endeavor, which requires time, good navigation, and practice. The good news is that you don’t have to become an effective automation engineer overnight.

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Thuc Nguyen
The Merits of a Collaborative Manual and Automation Test Team

In many organizations, the manual and automated test teams are separate. But the most successful test teams integrate manual and automation resources into a single, cohesive team. This allows them to fill in any gaps in the test case steps and to develop a more informed automation strategy.

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Linda Hayes
When and When Not to Automate

Automation integration is a huge value to QA teams, but not everything can or should be automated. By understanding the difference, teams will be able to utilize their tools more effectively and streamline operations for better results. Sanjay Zalavadia looks at when and when not to automate.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
Why Automation Will Never Replace Manual Testing

Manual testers are experts at the unexpected, while automation is all about predictability. Automation won’t replace manual testing, but neither will manual testing replace automation. Linda Hayes writes that once the difference between them is understood, the fear of automation dissolves.

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Linda Hayes
Accessibility Testing: Should You Use a Manual or Automated Approach?

When it comes to the deliberate effort required in making your website accessible to everyone, there are two approaches to take: manual evaluation and automated evaluation. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Sunil Dangwal goes over the advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

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Sunil Dangwal
Is New Technology Taking Us Back to Grassroots Software Testing?

With new technology products entering the market, the scope for testing is only going to grow. All of these products will of course need to be tested thoroughly before release. Rajini Padmanaban looks at how technology may actually take testers back to grassroots software testing—the manual way.

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Rajini Padmanaban