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A feature branching strategy Feature Branching Is Not Evil

Some people believe branching and pull requests are inherently bad. True, branching done poorly can slow down a team, but advocating for avoiding branching altogether can lead you to ignore the more important goal of an agile process: rapid integration of changes. First, make sure you're considering the right metrics.

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Steve Berczuk
Agile development code Integrating Code in Agile Software Development: Start with the Goal in Mind

Agile software development works because of continuous feedback at various levels, and the most important form of feedback is working software. One way to achieve rapid feedback is to integrate and deploy code frequently. Rather than starting with the process, first decide what "frequently" should mean for your team.

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Steve Berczuk
Helpful Tips for Good Branching and Merging in Product Development

Branching and merging are necessary, but they can be minimized to reduce the overhead. In this story, Joe Farah shares several helpful branching and merging tips as well as his simple philosophy of creating a new branch when you need to support the old one.

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Joe Farah