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Engineer standing next to rows of database servers Migrating a Database? Consider These Factors First

Database migration is usually performed with a migration tool or service. Migrating one database to another actually involves migrating the schemas, tables, and data; the software itself is not migrated. Whatever the reason for migration, before you start, explore the options and take these considerations into account.

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Deepak Vohra
Quality Checks to Address Before, During, and After Cloud Migration

While it is a no-brainer that most organizations have either migrated to or are considering a move to the cloud, the stakes for cloud providers and consumers are quite high. Mukesh Sharma details some quality checks to address before, during, and after cloud migration to ensure a smooth transition.

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Mukesh Sharma
Cloud Application Migration—It’s the Network, Stupid

SaaS and IaaS vendors are looking for solutions to facilitate customer on-boarding, while customers are looking for ways to minimize vendor lock-in. Why have these services been so slow to mature? The functionality is much needed as more workloads are migrating or being built directly in the cloud.

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Beth Cohen