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Close-up photo of someone's blue eye, by Amanda Dalbjörn The Test Automation Mindset

Building a test automation strategy involves all members of the technical team, layering tests throughout the technology stack, and using this approach to design better software and catch simple problems earlier in the development cycle. But working like that requires a shift in mindset across the organization.

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Justin Rohrman
The Power of an Agile Mindset

Some people think you've born with certain talents and there are other things you'll just never get the hang of. Conversely, having an agile mindset means believing that you're able to grow and develop your skills and intelligence. The interesting thing: Whichever mindset you hold, you'll probably be right.

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Linda Rising
Cultivating the Growth Mindset

To the fixed mindset, new ideas are either not important and easily rejected, or scary and different. It forces us to focus on our roles and learn in places that are already our strengths. Strive to cultivate a growth mindset, where what you don’t know is an opportunity to learn more and get better.

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Matthew Heusser
Does Experience Really Matter?

Two of the most high-profile executive appointments recently were Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft and Vishal Sikka as CEO of Infosys. Both organizations put their trust in first-time CEOs, which leads us to question: Does experience really matter in today’s business world?

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Anuj Magazine