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Tools and Techniques to Help You Be an Efficient Product Owner

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy writes on tools and techniques product owners can use to do their jobs more efficiently. Remember, the product owner is responsible for building a valuable, usable, and feasible product.

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Venkatesh Krish...
What ALM Tool Features Best Support Agile Software Development?

Joe Farah details the key features necessary in application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to make them practical for agile development. At a minimum, agile-friendly ALM tools must support user stories, prioritization, traceability, continuous integration, and metrics for post-iteration analysis.

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Joe Farah
Reconsidering User Stories

User stories, one of the most common agile techniques, are used by delivery teams to support their iterative planning efforts and are typically used to represent items in a backlog. Until recently there has been a general agreement about the form that user stories should take.

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Kent J. McDonald
Should We Revisit Scrum's Product Owner Role?

With so many business people betting their money on Scrum, do organizations have the right set of people lined up to deliver projects using a Scrum methodology? Venkatesh Krishnamurthy ponders whether or not we should revisit Scrum's product owner role.

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Bad Product Backlogs Are...Bad

Agile software development teams are getting caught on the merry-go-round of incremental product improvements and are failing to create innovative products. Are bad product backlogs to blame?

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Scott Sehlhorst