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ScrumMasters vs. Project Managers

Joe Townsend explores whether or not a ScrumMaster can be considered a product manager and vice versa. The way the roles are defined (or evolving) should help you avoid potential conflict in your agile organization.

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Joe Townsend
Why Is Scrum So Popular?

Joe Townsend tries to find out why Scrum is mentioned more by developers than any other form of agile development methodology. What’s so special about Scrum that makes it the people’s obvious choice?

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Joe Townsend
The Differences between a Project Manager and a ScrumMaster

In the traditional model of software development, the project manager is responsible for project planning, estimating costs, and other tasks. However, with the popularity of Scrum and the role of the ScrumMaster, the project manager's responsibilities, although diluted, are not going away.

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