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Creating an Environment that Supports Self-Organizing Teams

Self-organizing agile teams leverage some basic qualities about what motivates people to help teams deliver. Since these qualities often run counter to traditional management structures, it takes effort to create an environment that supports these kinds of teams.

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Steve Berczuk
The Necessity of a Fifteen-Minute Standup Meeting

One of Scrum‘s basic techniques is the fifteen-minute standup meeting. Joe Townsend dives into the why this meeting is necessary, how it can help your agile team, and how you can get more from your fifteen minutes.

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Joe Townsend
ScrumMasters vs. Project Managers

Joe Townsend explores whether or not a ScrumMaster can be considered a product manager and vice versa. The way the roles are defined (or evolving) should help you avoid potential conflict in your agile organization.

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Joe Townsend