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Will Ello Be Able to Upset Facebook?

News about the emergence of the social network Ello went viral in the last few weeks. Ello has earned a lot of interest because of its position as an anti-Facebook social network. Will Ello be able to live up to the hype and become a Facebook killer?

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Anuj Magazine
Privacy Testing: A Growing Field for Software Security Specialists

Security is not just about preventing hacks. There is a larger aspect to consider: user privacy and how organizations handle collected user data. Privacy testing is still a niche field, but it is growing as users become more aware of protecting themselves and social networks gain popularity.

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Mukesh Sharma
The Pretty and the Ugly Sides of Social Networks When Job Hunting

Among the benefits social networking has brought about is an important one—professional networking. While the avenues these platforms open up can be great, they also have drawbacks. Rajini Padmanaban examines both the pretty and the ugly sides of using social networks when job hunting.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Why Agile Adoption Is Needed to Address SMAC

The world is at the confluence of four technologies: social networking, mobile computing, analytics, and cloud computing (SMAC). Companies worldwide are finding value in embracing the disruption brought by SMAC and the need to adopt agile in order to meet the challenges.

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Mukesh Chaudhary