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Software Testing: A Hunt for Fragility

Software testers are hunters. At least, they should be. Their prey: fragility. Like some organizations and people, software can suffer from fragility, and it is the software tester's direct responsibility to sniff out fragility, call it by its name, and work to squeeze the life out of it.

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Bonnie Bailey
The Latest Software News

In this roundup of software-related news that matters to you, read about hackers who are attempting to disrupt GitHub and how a software glitch may have been responsible for delaying emergency help during the summer crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777.

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Jonathan Vanian
October Software News Roundup

In this software news roundup, learn about the launch of SecureDrop, the online whistle-blowing platform of Internet activist Aaron Swartz; new software that helps the blind practice yoga correctly; and how GE and Boeing are teaming up to create code that prevents ice buildup in airplane engines.

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Jonathan Vanian
Why You Should Acknowledge Uncertainty

Software developers spend much of their time solving problems, which seems contrary to some common workspace habits. While they can’t always know everything, they are often uncomfortable acknowledging uncertainty. This isn’t necessarily the best thing to do—for your customer or yourself.

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Steve Berczuk
Improving Your Measurements to Influence Behavior

Measuring things is easy, but measuring the right things and acting appropriately based on what you have measured is hard. What you do with measurements can influence behavior, so it’s worth putting some thought into what you measure.

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Steve Berczuk
Variant Management Starts with Design

Joe Farah describes how to not overload your branching with variants so as to permit your customers to dynamically modify the behavior of a software product. Variant management is a CM issue, but it has to be dealt with in the product design first.

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Joe Farah
Three Software Bugs You May Have Missed

We know it’s hard to keep up with the constant bombardment of software news in the tech world. In this roundup, we present you with three software bugs that you should probably be aware of, especially if you are a Microsoft or CloudStack user.

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Jonathan Vanian
How Batman Uses DevOps to Fight Crime

The latest Batman movie highlights the importance of software and has Bruce Wayne using DevOps to fight crime. Software can clearly be used for good or for evil, and so it is with regards to software practices.

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Bob Aiello