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What Is a True Agile Coach?

Obtaining a Scrum or agile certification typically does not require that a person learn the fundamental differences between coaching, facilitation, and mentoring. This lack of understanding is reducing the quality of coaching to our customers.

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Why You Need Accountability in a Scrum Development Team

Often a developer who questions his team members and follows up with open-action items will be regarded as being rude. However, sometimes you need people to hold others accountable for their actions if you want your team to be successful.

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The Necessity of a Fifteen-Minute Standup Meeting

One of Scrum‘s basic techniques is the fifteen-minute standup meeting. Joe Townsend dives into the why this meeting is necessary, how it can help your agile team, and how you can get more from your fifteen minutes.

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Joe Townsend
How Being Active at Work Leads to Better Collaboration

Steve Berczuk shares his insight on how novel approaches to being active at work can lead to better collaboration. If being active can improve collaboration, why not be active? After all, studies have shown that a healthy team is a productive one.

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Steve Berczuk
Reward Your Agile Group with Shorter, Meaningful Meetings

The agile standing meeting doesn't require a lot to be successful, although some groups may need to add some flavor to spice up their morning routine. Mike Cohn and other experts share some tips on how to add impact to your meetings, while keeping them concise.

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Noel Wurst