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Shipping storage containers Choosing Volumes for Kubernetes Storage

For data storage with Kubernetes, pod-based storage is not persistent, so external storage is necessary. A volume is a directory that is accessible to all containers in the pod, and it exists as long as the pod exists. Several types of volumes are supported, so let's explore some of these Kubernetes storage options.

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Deepak Vohra
What Is Driving the Growth of Cloud Storage?

Have you ever wondered what is really driving the widespread adoption of cloud services? It turns out that while everyone has been hyping the latest PaaS or IaaS platform, the real growth in cloud usage has been boring old storage—both in the consumer and business market segments.

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Beth Cohen
Object Storage: File System Database Mash-Up

Cloud storage consumer subscriptions are targeted to exceed 625 million this year. A new generation of cutting edge data storage, modeled on the distributed database rather than the traditional hierarchical file system paradigm, is revolutionizing how storage is built and delivered in the cloud.

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Beth Cohen
Prices Drop as Cloud Storage Wars Heat Up

Amazon and Google are racing to grab cloud customers, and headlines, in the great cloud war. By consistently lowering prices and offering advanced services, both giants want nothing more than to be the world's cloud storage leader. But is either of them making a profit?

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Noel Wurst