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Rule Number 6: Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

When you've got way too much to do and not nearly enough support, it seems only natural to take things seriously—and to react accordingly. Yet, a case can be made not to take yourself overly seriously. After all, worrying isn't productive and your time is limited. Learn how to lighten up a little.

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Naomi Karten
What Do You Want This Holiday Season? Three Tips for the Overwhelmed

It’s the holiday season again. As you run around preparing for everyone else, consider what you need. Especially when you are stressed—and the holidays seem to bring out the stress in everyone—take time for yourself. Prioritize, manage tasks, and create action plans, and you can enjoy the season!

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Johanna Rothman
Take a Break and Let Your Brain Do Its Best Work

By getting away from your work, you’ll be able to focus better when you get back to it. You’ll be more alert and therefore more productive. You’ll avoid burnout. It's after you take a break from your job that your brain sometimes does its best work—even if the break is only for a minute. Read on.

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Naomi Karten
Instead of Overreacting to Stressful Situations, Try Underreacting

Overreacting is what we’re often inclined to do when we're in frustrating situations. You can try methods to avoid overreacting, but an interesting one is to aim to underreact. By making a commitment to underreact to problems, you cultivate a calm attitude and benefit yourself and the other party.

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Naomi Karten
How Well Are You Managing Your Workday?

How well are you managing your professional day? Once you manage your professional day efficiently, your personal day should fall into place. There are many available tips to manage one’s time, but they can easily get overwhelming. It's better to keep goals simple and start with a list. Read on.

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Mukesh Sharma
How to Minimize Obsessive Thoughts

Once you start obsessing over something, it can block out all other thoughts. Such obsessions are often about understandable worries, like whether you’ll meet the upcoming deadline or how you’ll cope with your new and fearsome boss. Follow this advice to quiet the thoughts you can't help thinking.

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Naomi Karten
Stop Working More Than Forty Hours a Week

It's no secret that many businesses are demanding or encouraging employees to work more hours. But some people see overtime as a point of pride and brag about working eighty hours a week. This "cult of overwork" is detrimental not only to employees but also for the workplace. Read on to learn why.

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Beth Romanik
Overwhelmed at Work? How to Recognize and Avoid Secondhand Stress

Secondhand stress is the stress that someone else experiences that becomes your own when you interact with that person. Frazzled colleagues, an uptight boss, and anxious coworkers are typical sources of stress that can pass to you. Read on for ways to avoid and defuse these stressful situations.

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Naomi Karten