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Stop Making the Same Mistakes

We keep changing the names of the development processes we use, but we do not fix the fundamental error they all suffer from: the failure to set a date and control the scope of the project—including proper estimation of testing efforts. Customers and IT must work together to truly be successful.

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Dale Perry
Use Timeboxing to Boost Your Efficiency

In timeboxing, you predetermine the maximum time allowed to get tasks done. You determine the launch deadline when you start the sprint or iteration, and everyone works toward that date. It can keep your project focused and on track. Is this method for you? Read on for advantages and disadvantages.

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Ulf Eriksson
Busting Agile Prediction Myths

When first hearing about agile processes, you might think that teams using an agile process cannot provide estimates, predictions, or commitments about what they will deliver. But, you can be agile and still manage risk and commit to a subset of what you predict.

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Scott Sehlhorst