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To Deliver Value in Your IT Projects, Understand Context First

Starting a project without understanding can lead to a mess from a usability perspective. Too often, we build what we can without taking the time to question whom we are building it for and why. A user story is a simple but effective tool to determine how much we understand about the context of a problem.

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Steve Berczuk
Tools and Techniques to Help You Be an Efficient Product Owner

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy writes on tools and techniques product owners can use to do their jobs more efficiently. Remember, the product owner is responsible for building a valuable, usable, and feasible product.

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Venkatesh Krish...
Book Review: To Sell Is Human

Steve Berczuk reviews Daniel Pink’s recent book To Sell Is Human and explains how it's a resource that can benefit agile practitioners. The main message in the book is how everyone, not just those engaged in commerce, are selling all the time.

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Steve Berczuk
Reconsidering User Stories

User stories, one of the most common agile techniques, are used by delivery teams to support their iterative planning efforts and are typically used to represent items in a backlog. Until recently there has been a general agreement about the form that user stories should take.

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Kent J. McDonald
The Importance of Courage in Agile Teams

An important attribute of agile teams is the courage to do the right things. You need courage in making the right architectural decisions, tackling the right stories, and standing up for values and principles you believe in.

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Mukesh Chaudhary
Performing Effective Automated Acceptance Testing

Software development teams that want to automate their regression testing suites may wonder if there is any way to see the forest for the trees regarding their numerous story tests. Kent McDonald explains how to perform effective automated acceptance testing amidst all the noise.

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Kent J. McDonald
How (and Why) You Should Split User Stories

The Scrum process is built around the process of implementing user stories. Many teams struggle with the challenge of knowing how to split user stories so that the individual stories have atomic value and are properly sized.

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Scott Sehlhorst