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Getting Started with Wearable Devices? Consider This Platform

As popular as wearables have become, they pose new challenges for software developers. Size, power consumption, and focused functionality are the main concentrations. There's a host of platforms that offer developers options for creating wearables, but Lance Gleason advocates one you may not have considered.

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Lance Gleason
How Will the Apple Watch Impact Software Testing?

Apple Watch sales are expected to reach more than 36 million units in the first year. As the Apple Watch becomes more of a mainstream product, it is not only expected to bring changes to the user experience but also to software engineering. How will the Apple Watch impact software testing?

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Anuj Magazine
New Technologies Help Diagnose—and Prevent—Sports Injuries

New technology is helping in the prevention of sports injuries by facilitating better practice and training sessions, educating players on game fundamentals, and inventing new protective gear. Innovative mouth-guards and wearables gather performance data and can even help prevent brain injuries.

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Bharathan Venka...
Fitness Applications Taking Over Your Personal and Professional Life

Last year, Google discovered that the health and fitness section within its app store was the fastest growing category. Beyond the personal uses for fitness apps, some companies are putting a new emphasis on a healthy lifestyle by offering more tangible rewards.

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Josiah Renaudin
How Technology in Sports Is Becoming a Game-Changer

Sports is one discipline where technology adoption has been growing tremendously in recent years, and 2015 is shaping up to be an important year in building a pronounced acceptance for technology across many sports disciplines—for the teams, the leagues, and even sports fans themselves.

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Bharathan Venka...
New Concepts in Wearables—the Future at Your Fingertips

There are some interesting wearables concepts out there on the verge of making our world more convenient, dynamic, and wondrous. These prototypes include wristbands with all the capabilities of your phone, micro projectors that can scan images, and a ring that can let you start your car with a snap.

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Cristy Bird
Wearables and Big Data: A Match Made in Heaven

Big data is only getting bigger. This catch-all phrase for the continued growth and availability of information that was spurred from the escalation of PCs, smartphones, and tablets has only become more prevalent. Its next big step could very well lie in an emerging market: wearables.

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Josiah Renaudin
Texas Instruments's Plans to Power the Internet of Things

The advent of the Internet of Things basically means everything in the world is going to have software in it pretty soon. With all this software in our lives, we are faced with the new challenge of powering our tech-laden devices. Texas Instruments may have a solution: an ambient energy network.

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