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Computer keyboard with a heart key Web Services Need Some Testing Love, Too

Web services—the applications that talk to other applications—are generally finished before the GUI, so you can test the business logic before you think about the actual interface. You can improve the quality of your application, find interesting bugs that don’t exist in the GUI, and give web services some love.

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Hilary Weaver-Robb
Why SOAP Services Are Being Put to REST

SOAP is now an aging protocol and its days are numbered. With so many developers familiar with the protocol and so many standards surrounding it, why are we seeing it disappear? The nail in the coffin is the mobile revolution and its driving need for web-based APIs.

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Jacob Orshalick
Testing APIs—How to Test SOAP

Since APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) first came on the technology scene, the first question testers asked was How do I test them? APIs are closely related to web services—with some differences. Brendan Quinn looks at what's involved when testing APIs and using SOAP for testing them.

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Brendan Quinn