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The Increased Use of Technology during the 2015 NFL Season

Sports has been a frequent trial ground for launching new technologies and devices—such as wearable devices, video streaming, big data, and cloud computing. Sports fans have traditionally been seen as technology-embracing and savvy people who are welcoming of new changes and how they may enhance their overall sports experience. Players, coaches, and leagues have also been very open to new strategies to improve their game and provide a competitive edge over others.

With the NFL season in full swing, the technology fervor in sports has only strengthened. The NFL CIO recently talked about the customizations Microsoft made to their Surface tablets that players and coaches can use to improve their game through sideline video streaming. Analytics to help drive targeted marketing is also expected to be big this season. IBM is continuing to make efforts to showcase how artificial intelligence can be used in areas such as Fantasy Football.

As in previous years, predictive analysis is also expected to be used quite heavily to draw conclusions on which teams have advantage over others. Technology will be leveraged in many ways during this NFL season, and there's a lot of renewed interest in apps that help get the best ticket deals, play fantasy football games, etc.

While a lot can be achieved in the field of sports using technology, it is all not completely straight forward to use. People are not always aware of the options available, the best resources to use, whether they are in beta or are ready for mass live consumption, etc. There are numerous resources that provide tips and instructions specifically for end users. Even outside the NFL season, the market is currently very upbeat about investments in sports technology. Alibaba recently announced its sports brand—a company that will help promote the application of sports technology in China.

All of these clearly indicate the market upswing for technology in sports. The current NFL season will stand as testimony to these expectations and serve as a live trial bed for several new applications to make their entry into the market.

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