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Icon of a person throwing garbage into a trash can Trusting Your Data: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Poor quality input will always produce faulty output. Improper validation of data input can affect more than just security; it can also affect your ability to make effective business decisions. Bad data can have impacts on how you make quantitative decisions or create reports, if you can’t trust the data you receive.

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Alan Crouch
Engineer standing next to rows of database servers Migrating a Database? Consider These Factors First

Database migration is usually performed with a migration tool or service. Migrating one database to another actually involves migrating the schemas, tables, and data; the software itself is not migrated. Whatever the reason for migration, before you start, explore the options and take these considerations into account.

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Deepak Vohra
Person holding a smartphone showing mobile apps Security Tips for App Development

When companies develop applications they consider competitors and the market, but the most important aspect is cybersecurity. Developers need to release apps that don’t put consumers or their data in danger. Here are five tips that app developers should keep in mind to create and maintain the most secure apps possible.

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Aimee Laurence
Node.js logo Selecting the Right Node.js Framework for Your App

Node.js is an open source and cross-platform runtime environment for creating server-side web apps entirely using JavaScript. There are many frameworks that work with Node.js and each excels in different areas, so selecting one comes down to preference and the specific needs of the project. Here are some popular ones.

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Dorothy Starling
Apache Hadoop logo Exploring Big Data Options in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

With the emergence of the World Wide Web came the need to manage large, web-scale quantities of data, or “big data.” The most notable tool to manage big data has been Apache Hadoop. Let’s explore some of the open source Apache projects in the Hadoop ecosystem, including what they're used for and how they interact.

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Deepak Vohra
NoSQL database When to Use Different Types of NoSQL Databases

Web-scale data requirements are greater than at a single organization, and data is not always in a structured format. NoSQL databases are a good choice for a larger scale because they're flexible in format, structure, and schema. Let’s explore different kinds of NoSQL databases and when it’s appropriate to use each.

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Deepak Vohra
Developer performing unit testing A Simple Rule of Thumb for Unit Testing

There's a simple rule for the minimum values testers should explore: “none, one, some”—or, how the software behaves if you send it nothing, one thing, or some set greater than one. It's not comprehensive, but it gives a good feel for how the feature works at the moment. Developers can also use this in unit testing.

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Justin Rohrman
Racecar navigating around a turn Using Agile to Navigate through Medical Device Regulations

When you test medical device software, you must be very careful. But when development wants to push a cadence of two weeks per sprint, every sprint, you’ve just got to keep up! Interpret the regulatory requirements not as a set of disabling constraints, but as a challenge to find the optimal route to navigate through.

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Roy Tuason