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5 Steps to Be More Productive

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There’s a common misperception that productivity implies getting more things done all at once. But it really means getting things done persistently at a moderate pace.

Another common misperception is that you need to change your routines drastically to be more productive. Sometimes, even small changes can make a significant impact.

Follow these five small steps to have a positive impact on your productivity and help you get your job done efficiently.

1. Plan your day

The most productive people plan their day to make the most of it. Spend some time in the evening to organize your activities for tomorrow, including time for your family and friends, as well as for exercise.

It's also crucial to prioritize daily tasks for better effectiveness. The urgent-important matrix is helpful to classify everyday tasks according to whether they’re significant or just urgent. Prioritize activities that are both.

Planning may only take ten or fifteen minutes, but it can save a few hours the following day.

2. Create a pleasant work environment

A messy workplace causes unnecessary stress, which has a negative impact on productivity. Declutter your workspace and create designated places for items and supplies you frequently use. That way, you won't waste time finding things you need to get the job done.

You can also adjust the temperature and lighting, add some plants, or play music, all of which have a beneficial impact on productivity. Don't forget to open the windows from time to time, because fresh oxygen improves concentration.

3. Use your time well

Aim to never be idle. Use the time while commuting or waiting in lines to get smaller tasks done, such as scheduling appointments or planning the next day’s activities. That way, you'll avoid being overwhelmed and make room for more meaningful assignments.

Another important thing when it comes to efficient time management is to identify your time wasters and eliminate them—that means stop binge-watching TV. Time is a limited resource, and you should use it wisely.

4. Eliminate distractions

Living in a digital age brings many distractions: social media notifications, Skype interruptions, constant emails, etc. Distractions are the enemies of your concentration, so you should remove them from your workspace.

Put your smartphone on airplane mode while you're working, or put it in a different room. That way, you'll eliminate all disturbances from notifications.

Also avoid opening your inbox until noon. It's better to use the morning for urgent and important tasks, rather than spending hours answering the emails that usually can wait.

5. Use technology to increase productivity

Technology can be a big help to increase productivity. The Pomodoro technique can help you manage your time—and remember to take breaks. You also can use tools to block distracting websites while you’re working.

Productivity and happiness are directly proportional. When you fail to tick everything off your to-do list, you feel stressed and disappointed. On the other hand, when you complete all your planned tasks on time, you're motivated to face any challenge.

Use these five tips to be more productive.

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