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Person taking notes while watching a virtual conference How to Make the Most of a Virtual Conference

Many conferences are moving to a virtual format. If you haven’t attended an event remotely before, you may be wondering how you can make the most of it. While it is different from going to a conference in person, there are still many opportunities for value. Here's how to best take advantage of a virtual conference.

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Kelly McGee
Woman putting her head down on her laptop in frustration How to Decide whether to Quit Your Job

Some people are happy with their jobs and know they want to keep them. Others are clear that they want to quit. What's difficult is when the decision to quit or stay is a tough one. The important thing in making that choice is to be sure you’ve examined the issue as objectively as you can from different viewpoints.

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Naomi Karten
Hacker typing on a backlit computer keyboard Cybersecurity Consciousness during COVID-19

As we all deal with COVID-19 across the globe—medically, economically, and professionally—there are plenty of lessons to discover. There is also a lot to learn when it comes to cybersecurity. More people moving toward working from home means more opportunities for hackers to strike, so we must be smart and vigilant.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Huskies pulling a dogsled How to Stay Cool in a Crisis

In times of crisis, we can find ways to accomplish things at work that come from sources having nothing to do with work—or at least work as we know it. All types of activities from all walks of life can offer advice about how to deal with stressful situations and stay productive. Here's how to keep cool under pressure.

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Naomi Karten
Employee receiving feedback Seeking Feedback the Right Way

Receiving negative feedback can be uncomfortable. You may immediately get defensive. But to grow personally and in your career, you need to be able to receive feedback—both good and bad. Here's how to recognize the three types of feedback you will get, and know how to solicit it and respond to it in the right way.

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Allison Scholz
Stylish older woman with gray hair wearing a fedora Aging Gracefully in QA

Employee churn is inevitable in every industry, and positions are being filled by fresh young faces all the time. Instead of becoming worried or insecure, senior team members should embrace their new status as someone to be looked up to for experience, lessons, and mentoring abilities. Here's how to do that in QA.

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Mukesh Sharma
Cozy home office 7 Tips to Make Working from Home Work for You

At first glance, working from home might sound ideal, and it can be. But even with all the benefits, there are also numerous challenges. Deciding where, how, and when to work can take some adjustment. As more people are asked to or choose to work from home, these seven tips can help make the most out of remote work.

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Owen Gotimer
Employee frustrated by her absentee leader Absentee Leadership: The Worst Kind of Manager

Absentee leaders are managers who are physically present but psychologically absent. They are incompetent and disengaged, to the extent that they don't support their teams adequately. If you have an absentee manager (and don’t have the luxury of seeking another position), here's how you can try to handle the situation.

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Naomi Karten