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Coffee and Code Sealed Classes in Java 17

Sealed classes are classes that permit only specific classes to extend them, as a result limiting extensibility. Sealed classes provide several benefits such as: additional modularization, could be used to develop internal classes, could be used to develop proprietary software.

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Deepak Vohra
Software engineer looking at her computer monitors and integrating code Code Integration: When Moving Slowly Actually Has More Risk

Many decisions about code branching models are made in the name of managing risk, and teams sometimes pick models that make integration harder in the name of safety. Moving slowly and placing barriers to change can seem safer, but agile teams work best when they acknowledge that there is also risk in deferring change.

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Steve Berczuk
Five Principles from Chess That Can Change Your Software Game

When you start analyzing the two strategic activities of playing chess and developing software, you will notice they share many core principles. Defining a goal, recognizing patterns, and learning from mistakes are just some of the important concepts to keep in mind with both chess and software.

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Charlie Hill
Mini-Languages That Make JavaScript Easier to Use

JavaScript has entrenched itself as essential in the IT industry, but it has also received its fair share of criticism. Luckily, programmers are an innovative bunch and have created several mini-languages that aim to make JavaScript easier.

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Cameron Philipp...
Lowering the Development Cost of Your Next Android App

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a great platform for developing native mobile apps. Yet, the SDK can pose some development challenges that can increase cost. Code inconsistency and excessive boilerplate code are challenges that can be alleviated with the right approach.

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Jacob Orshalick
Anti-Patterns: Watch Out for Common Development Mistakes

It is just as valuable to learn from mistakes as it is to just focus on best practices. Worst practices are common thought approaches to problem solving that appear again and again. These mistakes, also called anti-patterns, exist in all aspects of life—and software development.

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Brendan Quinn
Making Executable Documentation a Reality with DSLs

A domain specific language (DSL) allows a development team to code in a language that business understands. This makes the syntax readable by technical and non-technical individuals alike. If your project is suffering from the overhead of excessive documentation, increase your velocity with a DSL.

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Jacob Orshalick
Translating the Java Programming Language Into a Giant Party

Java creatively reveals what it means to live the "Java Life" through a video that boasts Java's superiority, while taking some shots at their competition. No matter your preferred programming language, these guys make it look fun.

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Noel Wurst