What’s in the Spring 2016 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

The spring 2016 issue of Better Software magazine includes a number of articles that emphasize state-of-the-art practices in testing, metrics, and controlling technical debt on mobile software development projects. Read on to see how this issue can help you improve your processes and rethink workflows.

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Ken Whitaker
How Mobile Development and Testing Inform the Rest of the Industry

It’s critical to observe how the future is helping us better test and develop on what’s come before it. How have we taken the lessons learned from mobile development and retrofitted them to other facets of the industry, such as the web? There are three main lessons we’ve learned that apply.

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Josiah Renaudin
Why Vetting App Ideas Is Becoming More Important

Even though mobile app development numbers are sky-rocketing, statistics indicate that only a very small percentage of apps actually make it big—with the average shelf life of a mobile app being thirty days. Are there things that can be done at the app ideation stage to improve the shelf life?

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Rajini Padmanaban
The Internet of Things Has Changed the Definition of Good Software

As the Internet of Things takes hold and more common appliances are run by software, people will be increasingly reliant on programmers’ ability to write good code. But how do we define “good code” or “good software”—and how do we get there? Stefano Rizzo explains eight requirements he thinks are essential.

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Stefano Rizzo
Traveling Light: Pare Down Software to Move Faster

If you take time to examine every part of your development process, you'll probably be surprised at how many nonessential things go into your software. Kickoffs, estimations, insurance, workarounds, changes ... All these little extras add up to big things that slow you down. It's time to get lean again.

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Matthew Heusser
The Future of Cloud Connectivity in an IoT World

When new technologies are embraced and popularized, they usually fail sooner rather than later. The IoT, new architectures, and cloud systems are developing into perfect storms that will take time to develop and move on to maturity, finally providing calm, consistent conditions. How should you plan to fail?

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Steven Woodward
DeepDreams Are Made of This: Machine Learning and Art

Google released the source code for the images made by artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks, dubbed DeepDream. Everyone, especially programmers and artists, was invited to upload their own images, experiment, and tag their creations as #deepdream on social media.

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Pamela Rentz
Getting Started with Wearable Devices? Consider This Platform

As popular as wearables have become, they pose new challenges for software developers. Size, power consumption, and focused functionality are the main concentrations. There's a host of platforms that offer developers options for creating wearables, but Lance Gleason advocates one you may not have considered.

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Lance Gleason