Virtual Reality: A Game-Changing Technology for Sports

You may think that virtual reality (VR) was created to be primarily used for entertainment, but its use across a number of disciplines is steadily on the rise. Bharathan Venkateswaran highlights the recent use of VR in sports—for coaching and training, advertising, and the viewing experience.

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Bharathan Venka...
Using Technology to Make Better Educational Assessments

Technology's usefulness for assessment in schools today is not limited to Scantron machines. There are many powerful (and free) tools available. How can we shift to an environment in which technology is used in support of high-quality assessments that are meaningful for both teachers and students?

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David Miller
Conference Highlights: UX Design, Stage Presence, and DevOps

The Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference West in June featured more than a hundred networking and learning opportunities and three tracks to choose from. Here, we recap three of the popular presentations, about lean UX, presentation skills, and how DevOps can benefit everyone.

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Sandy Sidhu
New Biometric Security with 3D Fingerprint Scans

Researchers at the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center are working on a security solution that’s similar to medical ultrasound imaging. The technology is a tiny ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that can measure a 3D image of your finger’s surface, along with a shallow layer of tissue underneath.

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Pamela Rentz
Agile, Waterfall, and the Blending of Methodologies

Agile doesn’t always require you to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just because you plan to incorporate agile into your team (or even your entire organization), that doesn’t mean you need to scrap whatever other practices, such as outsourcing, or methodologies you’re using.

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Josiah Renaudin
Take a Look: Google’s Artificial Neural Network Thinks Art

Google posted an update about their AI research for image classification and speech recognition, including artificial neural networks (ANNs). While it’s still difficult to pinpoint what’s going to work and what isn’t, there’s an intriguing byproduct—artistic imagery that Google calls "Inceptionism."

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Pamela Rentz
The Competition for Sports Management Systems

Management software has been around for many years, but sports is a somewhat newer discipline where management systems can be used to boost productivity and enhance a team’s overall efficiency. Bharathan Venkateswaran looks at the competitive world and future of sports managements systems.

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Virtual Clinics: Which Attributes Determine Success?

Growth in areas such as big data, cloud, and mobile computing have aided new trends in health care, and one area that has grown significantly is virtual clinics. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the future of virtual clinics and the attributes that can determine their success.

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Rajini Padmanaban