Accessibility: What Was Once a Bonus Is Becoming Essential

Across disciplines and industries, providing equal accessibility is gradually moving from being “nice to have” to a mandatory aspect of applications. Now is a good time for organizations to start looking at digital accessibility for their products, whether it has been mandated for them yet or not.

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Mukesh Sharma
I’ve Incorporated Big Data—Now What?

It’s easy to say something like, “We’re agile from here on out” or “Let’s start saying 'DevOps' in meetings more often,” but without an actual game plan for how you’re going to use something like big data, simply incorporating it into your current culture doesn’t do much.

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Josiah Renaudin
Big Tech OpenStack Shopping Spree Continues

The OpenStack Summit has turned into a giant marketplace for OpenStack Technorati looking for new gigs and technology giants looking to inject some fresh talent and innovation into their product lines. Beth Cohen highlights the new round of OpenStack startups by large technology vendors.

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Beth Cohen
National Maker Faire: Celebrating Making and the Kitchen Sink Piano

The White House kicked off the official “Week of Making,” June 12-18 with the National Maker Faire at the University of the District of Columbia. 3D printers, laser cutters, open source, easy-to-use design software, and desktop machine tools are today’s poster board and markers.

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Pamela Rentz
How and When to Incorporate the Internet of Things

If you’re making a project today that isn’t in some way connected, you’re behind the curve. But first, beyond having a solid understanding of the Internet of Things and knowing your company’s resources, it’s critical to understand what your consumer is looking for from a connected device.

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Josiah Renaudin
Cloud Service Providers Are at War, and the Winner Is the User

The cloud service provider market is a very competitive one, with the many contenders improving services to attract end-users. As this war wages, there is one clear winner: the consumer. Companies are offering increasingly more storage for less money as they battle for users (and their dollars).

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Mukesh Sharma
What's in the Summer 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

This issue of Better Software gives best practices that will improve your skills in a variety of categories, including agile, testing, DevOps, and process. These articles aim to better your professional lives so that you and your team can deliver software technology that delights customers.

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Ken Whitaker
New Technologies Help Diagnose—and Prevent—Sports Injuries

New technology is helping in the prevention of sports injuries by facilitating better practice and training sessions, educating players on game fundamentals, and inventing new protective gear. Innovative mouth-guards and wearables gather performance data and can even help prevent brain injuries.

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Bharathan Venka...