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Chief Technology Officer—The Newest Seat at the Table?

More companies are moving CTOs into leadership positions, as they realize that understanding technology is a crucial driver of business success. What is the difference between the CIO and CTO position, and why do companies need both more than ever?

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Beth Cohen
Enterprise OpenStack Deployments—Why Hide?

With more than 4,700 attendees, double the number at the Hong Kong Summit a mere six months ago, the May 2014 OpenStack Summit in Atlanta was by all measures a resounding success. So why are so many enterprises reluctant to go on record about their OpenStack implementations?

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Beth Cohen
Is a Framework Needed to Scale Agile?

There are varying reactions to using frameworks to scale agile. One concern surrounding the rise of SAFe and DAD is the creation of new methods that are compared with or pitted against existing sets of techniques, fragmenting the agile community. Do you really need a framework to scale agile?

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Kent J. McDonald
Best of Breed vs. Integrated Systems: The Battle Continues

The debate between buying best of breed software products versus fully integrated systems has raged on for as long as there have been integrated platforms. There are pros and cons for each approach, but the interesting thing about this debate is that there is no clearly defined right or wrong.

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Eric Bloom
App Economy Predicted to Double to $151 Billion by 2017

A new report predicts that the combined value of paid apps, app-enabled purchases of goods and services, and in-app advertising will double in the US by 2017, with the current market worth of $72 billion increasing to $151 billion. App economy jobs are also exploding, making it a hot industry.

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Beth Romanik
How Requirements Can Help Avoid Project Failure and Waste

Studies and experience show that higher quality and better value solutions are achieved by projects that attain a thorough and unambiguous understanding of business and user requirements. Adrian Reed looks at how requirements can help avoid project failure and waste.

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Adrian Reed
Are You Getting Everything You Need from Your Infrastructure?

Culture may be vital to the success of agile, but there are a number of technical requirements that must be in place for development teams to be able to bring the speed and quality that agile was designed to deliver. Nate Odell looks specifically at the needs of an agile infrastructure.

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Nate Odell
How the Mobile Industry Is Similiar to Yesterday's PC Era

Steve Vaughn writes about the similarities between today's mobile industry and yesterday's era of personal computing. Industry professionals should view the mobile market as immature and make strategic plans according to how the PC industry changed in the 1990s.

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Steve Vaughn