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man jumping hurdle 3 Major Continuous Delivery Hurdles Teams Need to Overcome

Teams that leverage continuous delivery and continuous integration are playing an entirely different game than software teams of the past—instead of mapping out this major, ridged timeline, data is being both gathered and used more frequently (and effectively) than before.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Latest Software News

In this roundup of software-related news that matters to you, read about hackers who are attempting to disrupt GitHub and how a software glitch may have been responsible for delaying emergency help during the summer crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777.

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Jonathan Vanian
The Iron Dome and ALM

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Interception System is a computer aided rocket system that intercepts incoming missiles and destroys them before they reach their intended target. Bob Aiello writes on this military defense system and how it relates to many of the practices associated with ALM.

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Bob Aiello
New SEC Software Breaks Up Insider-Trading Ring

The next time you come across some top-secret information regarding stock tips, you might want to second-guess yourself if you plan on doing a little insider wheeling and dealing. New software at the Securities and Exchange Commission has led regulators to recently break up an insider-trading ring.

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Jonathan Vanian
The Future of Software Security Testing

Hackers have been defacing websites, spreading malicious apps, and breaching web and mobile security. In their struggle to keep pace with hackers, security testers are going to need to expand their field of scope to include non-traditional devices—namely, implantable medical devices and cars.

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Jamie Saine