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Do You Design Your Software Process for Flexibility or Repeatability?

Manufacturing design looks a lot like software: You iterate through possible solutions, and the manufacturing itself is about repeating the making process. But building software means learning about the problem as you solve parts of it. For that, you want flexibility. How do you find your ideal process?

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Johanna Rothman
Agile Does Not Equal Scrum: Know the Difference

Some people say “agile/Scrum,” as though they’re the same thing. They're not! Scrum is just one way to approach agile. Johanna Rothman defines each concept and also addresses kanban and Extreme Programming, two more approaches. Don't write off agile until you've explored different ways it could work for you.

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Johanna Rothman
What's in the Spring 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

There’s been a meteoric adoption of DevOps, requiring attention to higher quality processes throughout the SDLC and deployment. Our authors in this issue of Better Software magazine see development teams attempting to deliver on this new program of continuous integration and rapid deployment.

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Ken Whitaker
Personal Kanban—I Think I’m Doing It Wrong

A kanban board seems like the perfect way to visualize your tasks and organize priorities. But what happens when the backlog starts to get overwhelming? How do you stop the kanban board from becoming a task board? And how do you account for all the little tasks that weasel their way in every day?

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Heather Shanholtzer
Maximizing the Coexistence of Scrum and Kanban

It is difficult to exclusively use Scrum or kanban in product development, given the advantages they both provide. The prospect of using the two together can be just as difficult to fathom, yet it is possible for them to coexist—and with optimal results. Read on to learn how to combine the two.

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Manoj Khanna
Beware of Serial Status Meetings

Standup meetings are great in many instances. But if you're calling serial status meetings, you may find that people will stop attending. To engage employees and address issues quicker, you may want to try lean coffee or a problem-solving meeting. Read on for tips on involving your team.

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Johanna Rothman
Reduce Your Work in Progress to Make Your Whole Team More Productive

When you are a manager, you have to limit your own work in progress. If you don’t, you can’t pay attention to the most important work you have to do, which can affect your whole team. Read on for some tips about how best to manage work in progress, how transparency helps, and achieving efficiency.

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Johanna Rothman
Use Personal Kanban to Manage Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is a complex project, and one way to manage it is to use personal kanban to organize your search. Johanna Rothman gives suggestions about how to create your kanban to make it work best for you, where you put your to-do's and call-backs about job offers, and executing iterations.

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Johanna Rothman