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What's in the Spring 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

In our previous issue of Better Software, we provided helpful advice for that all-important work-life balance by concentrating on the must-have priorities for handling project stress, designing a test strategy, and overcoming product delivery challenges.

With our upcoming STAREAST, STARCANADA, and Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps West conferences, there’s a meteoric adoption of DevOps, requiring attention to higher quality processes throughout the software development lifecycle and deployment. Our authors in this issue of Better Software see a different world, with development teams attempting to deliver on this new program of continuous integration and rapid deployment.

Our cover article from Joe Farah is enlightening for those in the DevOps community who haven’t exactly realized the importance of application lifecycle management to the testing team.

Kim Megahee has plenty of experience working with clients on DevOps, and you won’t want to miss his practical approach to ensuring that you’re taking the right steps dealing with large enterprise deployments.

In Technically Speaking, Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs coauthored one of the most precise definitions of what DevOps really is.

With regard to agile practices, David Hussman’s article will make you rethink how you lead your agile teams. Just checking off items from a list certainly isn’t ever enough.

Wrestling between Scrum and kanban? Stacia Viscardi gives you her perspective from working with tons of teams who have found that although there are benefits to each, kanban has a real, pragmatic appeal to fast-moving software development teams.

Finally, for those wondering why your resumes are not being answered, check out Geoff Perlman’s article. As CEO of Xojo, he gives you a glimpse of exactly what an executive of a leading software development tools company looks for in applicants.

We truly value your feedback. Let us and our authors know what you think of the articles by leaving your comments. I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue!

From the staff who brings you Better Software, I hope to see you at our upcoming conferences.

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