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Create a Vendor Contract While Keeping Agile

Working with vendors can pose challenges to an agile team, especially when it comes to contracting practices. How do you deal with contract relationships when trying to follow a philosophy that values collaboration over negotiation? Kent McDonald gives some suggestions for creating agile contracts.

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Kent J. McDonald
How and When to Use Best Practices

Organizations often waste time and effort by applying best practices without tailoring them to their own unique circumstances. Does that mean you should ignore best practices? Of course not. Here are some questions to ask to be sure you're using best practices in the best possible way.

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Naomi Karten
Using Security to Combat Bad Outsourcing

It's been reported that a man named Bob outsourced his development role to a firm in China for close to one-fifth of his wage. The good news from all of this is that the company's monitoring system caught Bob, which highlights the importance of security—and the monitoring of it.

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David Greenlees
Using Nearshoring in a Geographically Dispersed Agile Team

It is not uncommon for agile teams to be dispersed geographically. Team members can be spread over different time zones, states, countries, and continents. To address this dilemma, some companies believe they have found a solution in nearshoring.

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Steve Vaughn
Should You Outsource Your Software Development Job to China?

The story of the developer who outsourced his work to China while he goofed off on Reddit and YouTube all day has been making the rounds this week. This will probably encourage others to attempt what "Developer Bob" ultimately failed to do—pass your work to someone else and receive all the credit.

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Noel Wurst
Cloud Predictions for 2013

Writers worldwide are making their predictions for just how large the cloud will grow in the new year, and Noel Wurst has read them all. If history prevails, as it often does, the growth of the cloud will be bigger this year than ever before. See which predictions were most commonly made.

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Noel Wurst
Can Your Organization Use an Outsourcing Strategy that Works?

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of IT folks like the word “outsourcing," and now it appears that a company has created robots that can handle simple business and IT functions. Joe Townsend explores whether or not an outsourcing strategy can work with your organization.

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Joe Townsend
Google’s Eighteen Minutes of Downtime—Security Fears Remain

Google's Chrome and Gmail crash lasted only eighteen minutes on Monday, but what kind of damage do these repeated, albeit brief, downtimes cause those who are already skeptical of moving their data to the cloud? One way to stop the bleeding is to quickly let customers know what went wrong.

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Noel Wurst