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Docker logo How Testers Can Use Docker to Shift Left and Automate Deployments

Docker has several advantages over virtual machines: It’s easier to deal with, starts up faster, and requires fewer resources. Using Docker also can give testers more confidence in their releases. Developers use the same environment that will be used in production, which streamlines code delivery and shifts QA left.

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Artem Golubev
Hand putting together units of Legos Engaging Developers in Unit Testing

Unit testing is key for driving early defect identification, but organizations and teams continue to be challenged when it comes to designing and implementing unit tests. Realizing a culture of sound unit testing is often more a leadership challenge than a developer one. Here's how to instill a culture of unit testing.

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Michael Sowers
Cover of the Summer 2018 issue of Better Software magazine What's in the Summer 2018 Issue of Better Software Magazine

For twenty years now, Better Software magazine has published articles offering helpful tips and techniques for those in the software industry. The new issue celebrates those two decades of knowledge-sharing—and, of course, gives you more ideas. Articles this issue focus on leadership and software quality.

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Ken Whitaker
A high-performing QA team holding up a trophy Testing the Tester: Building a High-Impact QA Team

Teams don’t always understand the impact their roles have on the business outcome, so their lack of focus can affect software quality and lead to an array of disasters. You can help your existing testers become a high-performing QA team focused on goals. Here’s what you can do to transform how your QA team functions.

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Amol Adsule
Locks on a red fence, photo by Jon Moore A Definition of Done for DevSecOps

In DevOps, we have a software delivery pipeline that checks, deploys, and tests every build. The goal is to produce a viable candidate for production, so we have to look at many different aspects of quality, including security. To be sure we hit all the crucial marks, we should have a definition of done for DevSecOps.

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Gene Gotimer
A computer keyboard lit up red, photo by Taskin Ashiq 6 Ways to Protect Your Organization from DDoS Attacks

During a DDoS attack, no one can use your application, which will result in loss of business. Brand reputation also tumbles if customers can't access your site or become casualties of the data breaches. However, there are some proven practices for preventing DDoS attacks—and for what to do if you fall victim to one.

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Pradeep Parthiban
A pair of eyeglasses in front of a computer with code on the screen Does Testing Truly Improve Software?

Without revealing problems, there is no problem-solving, since we can't solve something we aren’t aware of. Each solved problem is one fewer problem in the software—and the software is improved each time a problem is removed. But it's not testing alone that improves software. So when does that happen?

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Ingo Philipp
Tester paired with a developer, photo by Alvaro Reyes Elevate Code Quality by Integrating Testing and Development

Pair programming generally involves two programmers working on a single change from start to finish. You can augment this pattern by adding a test specialist, so you can test-drive feature changes first and the tester can ask questions and guide test and code design. What you get is quality built in from the start.

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Justin Rohrman