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Woman with her hand over her eyes looking into the distance It’s 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Defect Fix Is?

Have you ever had to ask whether your defect fix was deployed to a particular environment? You shouldn’t need to, because the answer should always be readily available. Having to request information on the status of your defect fix indicates inefficiencies and a lack of maturity within your organization’s process.

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Richard Estra
Providing Visibility into Testing Processes That Matter

If the goal of a tester's customer report is to figure out what needs fixing, how close you are to shipping, or how much time you need to do additional testing, the metrics provided often don't give any of those answers. Matt Heusser tells you how and why you need to focus your information.

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Matthew Heusser
“So, How’s It Going?” Thoughts on Reporting Project Progress

People near the top of your org chart often want project status updates to be short and sweet. But oversimplified measures risk miscommunication. Be thoughtful when someone asks, “So, how’s it going?” If you summarize too much, you can lose context, and these managers may feel misled later.

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Payson Hall
Autonomous Underwater Robots Track Sharks Like Never Before

Researchers have created shark-tracking robots that can gather information about the predators and their environments better than humans can. The robot gets close enough to sharks to monitor them but stays far enough away to remain undetected, so the sharks’ typical routine is never interrupted.

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Beth Romanik
What Do You Do to Manage Software Metrics?

Dealing with software metrics is one topic that is going to come up in your career. At some point, your boss or higher-up will request metrics from you or your team on the software, your process, or the people. Joe Townsend writes on how you can manage metrics.

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Joe Townsend
Cloud Predictions for 2013

Writers worldwide are making their predictions for just how large the cloud will grow in the new year, and Noel Wurst has read them all. If history prevails, as it often does, the growth of the cloud will be bigger this year than ever before. See which predictions were most commonly made.

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Noel Wurst
Urging of Social Media Heeded in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake

As Hurricane Sandy tore its way up the East Coast, many people turned to social media platforms to post pictures, updates, and statuses to the world around them. The U.S. government suggested doing this as the storm approached and spread their message through the same channels.

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Noel Wurst