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requirements modeling

How Can I Create Good Definitions?

It is vital that everyone communicates properly if we are to build software applications that meet the needs of our organizations. However, creating clear and unambiguous requirements necessitates good definitions, which can sometimes be difficult. Conrad Fujimoto shares his starting technique.

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Conrad Fujimoto
Ask Questions and Observe Language to Find State Transitions

Bugs that peek out during a window of vulnerability can make us think we’ve been outsmarted. But in their sleuthing bag testers have a powerful tool that can surface such issues: state modeling. Bonnie Bailey describes how to ask the right questions and observe language to find state transitions.

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Bonnie Bailey
A Good User Experience Starts with Excellent Requirements

Adrian Reed highlights the importance of creating solid requirements in order to create a good user experience. Techniques discussed include engaging users early in the requirements cycle; stakeholder identification, categorization, and management; and process identification and modeling.

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Adrian Reed