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The Ethical Responsibility of Defect Severity Classification

When dealing with defect classification, it's important to not blindly adhere to the criteria without consideration for real business or human implications. If your software does safety-critical work, do the defect levels reflect that? Or could something go live with potentially disastrous consequences?

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Payson Hall
Software Testing: A Social Responsibility

As businesses and consumers embrace big data and analytics, mobile, cloud, the IoT, and other rapidly emerging technologies, the expectation that software "just works" is rising exponentially. Equipping our technical workforce with the best education and training, tools, and approaches is critical.

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Michael Sowers
The Security Risks of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is making life easier, but is it making it more secure? If you take into account that hackers can remotely control Chrysler automobiles that are connected to a network, the answer seems to be no. If this is where our world is headed, how should we think about security now?

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Josiah Renaudin
The Potential for DevOps in Fighting Cyber Warfare

Government hacking incidents have put cyber warfare in the news. DevOps actually presents an interesting arsenal. With DevOps, your systems have excellent environment monitoring and are cryptographically verifiable such that the slightest penetration or unauthorized change is immediately detected.

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Bob Aiello
Big Data Changing How We Combat Disasters

We can’t take all this big data we've gathered over time, mash it together, and stop hurricanes from happening. But we can more easily predict natural disasters, prepare for what’s to come, respond in kind, and do a better job recovering from the damage.

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Josiah Renaudin
Report: Connected Cars Have Weaker Security Than We Thought

Today's connected cars offer many technological conveniences. But with those features come some risks. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections in these cars can fall prey to hacking attacks, which can jeopardize people’s physical safety and private information—and the security is pretty lax.

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Beth Romanik
With More Technology Comes More Malware

As technology has become more embedded within our lives, so have the attempts to infect and harm our use of that technology. In the past two years, more malware has been reported and detected than the combined yield of the last ten years. Read on for some alarming stats.

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Cameron Philipp...
You Won't Get Hacked with Help of New USB Device

Companies just keep getting hacked. Millions of users' data have been comprised in the last few years, so up-and-coming developer Webcloak is introducing a product that will let anyone browse the Internet “with no risk of viruses, data, or identity theft.”

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Josiah Renaudin