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Racecar navigating around a turn Using Agile to Navigate through Medical Device Regulations

When you test medical device software, you must be very careful. But when development wants to push a cadence of two weeks per sprint, every sprint, you’ve just got to keep up! Interpret the regulatory requirements not as a set of disabling constraints, but as a challenge to find the optimal route to navigate through.

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Roy Tuason
Doctor in a laboratory looking at a slide FDA Explores Review Framework for AI-Based Medical Devices

As more medical devices are developed that employ artificial intelligence and machine learning software that can learn from real-world feedback and adaptation, the FDA announced it is taking steps to explore a new medical device regulatory framework. The goal is creating safe, beneficial, innovative medical products.

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Pamela Rentz
A cockpit's dashboards as a pilot flies a plane, photo by Kristopher Allison Testing at 43,000 Feet: Reporting Risk That Matters

Many teams' daily testing gets broken down into numbers. If you're used to dashboards, it can be easy to forget the prime objective: to raise up quality issues—or, in the case of safety-critical devices, potential hazards. Graphs are comfortable, but do they really provide the information we should be looking for?

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Alexandre Bauduin
security software Why the Burden of Security Should Be Assumed by the Entire Team

Quality can be improved over time, and while it’s difficult to change perception, it’s still possible. But poor security can sink your ship before it even leaves the dock. Invest in the security of your application and be sure to spread that responsibility to multiple levels of your software team.

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Josiah Renaudin
lock and keys Security Is Critical, So Why Don’t We Take It Seriously?

Once you move into banking applications or anything related to healthcare, it becomes more and more important for developers and testers to guarantee that all the data they’re gathering from their users is locked behind the biggest, most bulletproof safe you’ve ever seen.

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Josiah Renaudin
combination lock What Testers Need to Know about Security

Every single tester should keep an eye on what security vulnerabilities might be plaguing their testing, but speaking in an interview at STARWEST 2016, Jeff Payne, the CEO and founder of Coveros, explained why you need to put a focus on security very early in the process.

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Josiah Renaudin
combination lock Where Does the Burden of Software Security Lie?

Security is continuing to skyrocket in importance as we tie more and more aspects of our personal life to the phones we carry. And with the Internet of Things burrowing deeper and deeper into our daily lives, we need to understand who has access to our info and how we can best protect ourselves.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Internet of Things Has Changed the Definition of Good Software

As the Internet of Things takes hold and more common appliances are run by software, people will be increasingly reliant on programmers’ ability to write good code. But how do we define “good code” or “good software”—and how do we get there? Stefano Rizzo explains eight requirements he thinks are essential.

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Stefano Rizzo