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Risk management checklist A Checklist for Managing Go-Live Decisions and Risks

If you have to replace a complex existing data system in production, decisions about when and whether to go live should be treated with gravity and care. One process that can help keep you honest is developing checklists that describe very clearly what is expected to be accomplished and verified at each milestone.

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Payson Hall
Computer with a "Retired!" sign Think through System Changes to Anticipate Quality Issues

When you replace or significantly modify components of a larger system, too frequently we focus on whether the code we are building functions correctly. This is important, but it’s also short-sighted. It’s easy to introduce errors because we are changing interactions. Coding bugs are only one quality problem.

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Payson Hall
Building Security into Apps: How and Why You Need to Detect Threats

In a perfect world, developers and testers are constantly asking themselves, “How can I make this more secure?” Security has become both a hot topic and a major priority in most businesses, but actually creating a mobile or web application that’s not porous might be more difficult than ever.

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Josiah Renaudin
DevOps for Microservices

Microservices addresses the challenges of deploying bulky monolithic systems and their complexities due to their abundance of moving parts. While some view microservices as a much-improved service-oriented architecture, there are significant differences in strategy necessary for efficient DevOps.

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Bob Aiello
Shift Left and Put Quality First

When switching to an agile workflow, it's assumed that you'll be able to deliver products faster and more efficiently right away. But adopting agile is just one part of the equation. You also have to focus on the technical enablers you need. Adam Auerbach explains some factors that worked for him.

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Adam Auerbach
Is Git a Good Fit for the Enterprise

Git has become the version control system of choice for many developers. It is relatively easy to use, has good repository integrity, and has a distributed architecture. But Git also has some limitations and can be challenging to support for large scale enterprise use. Read on for some practices.

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Bob Aiello
The Importance of an Integrated ALM Toolset

Joe Farah writes that an integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) toolset is one that has ALM functions working together to provide a well-defined lifecycle process and capability. However, not all integrations are alike. Your tool suite needs to look and act like a single tool.

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Joe Farah
When Does Choosing a Mediocre Technology Make Sense?

The technology world is obsessed with the latest and greatest. This doesn't come as a surprise. After all, we're all about innovation and building something better today than we built yesterday. Are there times when choosing a mediocre option—or even the worst option—makes sense?

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Rick Scott