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Maintenance Debt: When You See Cracks, It’s Too Late

The longer maintenance is deferred—which is easy to do in the short term—the more expensive it becomes and the more difficult it can be to schedule.

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Payson Hall
A Physical Metaphor for Quick Fixes and Root Cause Analysis

If you deal with legacy code you’ve likely found yourself struggling to debug and fix a mysterious, intermittent problem. Along the way you may have discovered some code that didn’t quite make sense.

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Steve Berczuk
man carrying bag of debt How Are You Managing Your Test Debt?

Just as debt can be good and bad in everyday life (such as a home mortgage), debt in the engineering world can also be good and bad. This applies to quality engineering as well—with good and bad test debt. As testers, how do we create a balance and stay at the right test-debt quotient?

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Rajini Padmanaban
iceberg of technical debt Technical Debt, Product Value, and Risk Management

Reports that the Equifax breach took advantage of a known issue in Apache Struts set the stage for a conversation about technical debt, product value, and risk management. Steve Berczuk shares his thoughts on how to help prioritize technical work in a way that balances short and long term value.

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Steve Berczuk
How to Avoid or Remedy Technical Debt

Many people have experienced monetary debt in their lives, and although technical debt isn't quite the same, it can be just as harmful. With technical debt, you aren't borrowing chunks of code with the promise to pay it back. Read more to learn about technical debt and how you can avoid and fix it.

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Stumbling Blocks to Becoming a Better Programmer

We continue our journey into the pitfalls which productivity programmers are susceptible to. In part two of this three-part series we delve into some more of the problematic habits and situations programmers can face when it comes to productivity

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Cameron Philipp...
Working Your Way Out of Large Technical Debt in a Small Project

When you transition to agile with a small project and you have a reasonably sized codebase, chances are quite good that you’ve been working on the product for a while. You have legacy code—and that code comes with technical debt. Johanna Rothman has ideas about how to work yourself out of it.

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Johanna Rothman
Achieving Transparency in Your Next Agile Project

There has been a lot of news recently about increasing transparency in government. While government operations pose significant challenges to ensuring transparency, agile projects can suffer from these challenges as well. Technical debt and documentation are areas where project teams can improve.

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Jacob Orshalick