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Person browsing at a bookstore Are You Forgetting a Stakeholder?

Technology allows amazing innovations to optimize business and deliver new and better services, but if you don’t carefully consider your entire user community, innovations may cost you business. When designing for stakeholders, don't stop at the obvious cases—or else you may find that you forgot an important customer.

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Payson Hall
How the Internet of Things Impacts Testing and UX

The Internet of Things provides new, exciting possibilities for everyone involved, but with these new possibilities come just as many challenges. We have to shift our thinking before we can adapt to the upcoming connected world.

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Josiah Renaudin
Five Techniques for Creating Testable Requirements

Documenting user requirements is always a challenging phase in software development, as there are no standard processes or notations. However, communication and facilitation skills can make this activity easier. Here are five techniques for converting user stories into testable requirements.

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Anish Krishnan
Why Testers Should Get Involved in Requirements Engineering

Testers use requirements as the basis of test cases, review them for testability, and often participate in general requirements reviews or inspections. However, many testers have little knowledge of requirements engineering. Erik van Veenendaal provides five critical success factors to get started.

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Erik van Veenendaal
Loyalty Programs Find a Home on Mobile

Simplicity helps lower the barrier to entry for mobile programs like Starbucks, Belly, and Front Flip, but the convenience of having it all readily available on your phone really takes it over the top. Read more to learn how mobile apps are changing reward programs for the better.

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Josiah Renaudin
Measuring the Business Value in Agile Projects

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy looks at some key ways to measure the business value of your project's agile performance. With consideration to the Agile Manifesto, Krishnamurthy uncovers different approaches to getting the most out of your user stories and defining true value.

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Venkatesh Krish...
API Permissions and the Future of Software Developers

Even after a US District Court case ruled otherwise, Oracle continues the argument that its Java APIs are copyrightable and their use should be restricted. What does this mean for software developers?

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Beth Romanik